Quarters to Semesters Transition



All freshmen and upperclass psychology majors who have not completed a TDCP need to complete a transition advising appointment with an advisor in the department's Advising and Resource Center (Porter 246 & 242) THIS quarter. Appointments are currently available. Appointments are one hour in length and are scheduled ONLINE. Please see the TRANSITION APPOINTMENT heading below for more information and the link to online appointment scheduling.

Seniors: If you are planning to graduate before Fall 2012 you will need to sign a cover sheet indicating that you will be graduating before the transition to semesters. To do so, please stop by the Advising and Resource Center during walk-in advising hours.  Walk-in advising hours are posted on the Advising and Resource Center's webpage:
If you are a not graduating before Fall 2012 and will continuing into the Fall semester, please schedule a transition advising appointment using the instructions above.

Ohio University will transition from a quarter-based academic calendar to a semester-based academic calendar in fall 2012. OHIO will divide the academic year into fall, spring and summer terms. Those who have begun their study at OHIO, but will graduate after summer quarter in 2012 are referred to as transition students.


OHIO's Pledge to Students  is that transition students will not experience delay in anticipated degree completion or incur increased costs for degree completion as a result of the transition.



Currently, faculty across the university are working to transition the curriculum to a semester calendar. Colleges and advisors are developing transition advising plans to assure that each transition student has an opportunity to work with an advisor on a Transition Degree Completion Plan (TDCP). An Academic Calendar  has already been approved for 2012-2014, however, a decision about the time blocks during the day when classes will be held has not yet been made. 

The Department of Psychology has approved the new major requirements under the semester system for both Psychology and Psychology Pre-Physical Therapy Majors. IMPORTANT: Students who have fully completed a major requirement under quarters will also be credited with completing that requirement under semesters. In addition, the current extradepartmental requirements (three science courses and two math courses) will no longer be part of the psychology major requirements under the semester system. Courses taken to complete this requirement under quarters will continue to count toward the hours needed for graduation and, depending on the course, will continue to count toward other College of Arts & Sciences and university requirements. 

Below are PDF files that outline the current degree requirements for quarters and the new semester degree requirements. The department’s major requirements, the College of Arts & Sciences requirements, and university requirements are all included in the outline.

The Department of Psychology has also approved new semester requirements for the psychology minor. A PDF file outlining the current and new minor requirements is also provided below.

Psychology Major Q2S Outline (pdf)

Psychology Pre-Physical Therapy Major Q2S Outline (pdf)

Psychology Minor Q2S Outline (pdf) 

TDCP Abbreviations (pdf) 

Course Conversion Table (pdf) 

Sample 4-Year Program for Psychology Majors (docx) 

Sample 4-Year Program for Pre-PT Majors (docx)


Each psychology student will have guidance through the transition:
Each psychology major who will graduate after Spring Quarter 2012 will be expected to meet with an advisor to formulate a Transition Degree Completion Plan (TDCP). The plan will outline what semester courses the student needs to take and following the plan will help to maintain academic progress toward degree completion in the semester calendar. More specific information about TDCP advising will be provided to students in upcoming months. TDCP advising is scheduled to begin in Fall 2011 on the Athens campus and continue throughout the academic year. Psychology majors on the Athens campus will receive messages via email instructing them when to schedule a meeting with an advisor. In the psychology department, Juniors will schedule their advising meetings Fall Quarter 2011, followed by Sophomores Winter Quarter 2012, and, finally, Freshmen during Spring Quarter 2012. Transition Advising for regional campus students will begin Winter Quarter 2012; additional information about regional campus advising will be forthcoming.

Stay Tuned! You will receive communication about the transition via emails from Dr. Tice-Alicke, Dr. Bruce Carlson, or the Department of Psychology’s Advising and Resource Center. PAY ATTENTION to these emails! Take the actions recommended in the emails as soon as possible; failing to do so will affect your ability to register for classes. Students who receive an email instructing them to schedule a transition appointment with a psychology department advisor will have an academic hold put on their account. These students will not be allowed to register for classes until they meet with an advisor in the department and complete a Transition Degree Completion Plan. Students who have not yet received an email notifying them to schedule a transition appointment will be allowed to register for classes as usual.




This Spring Quarter an email has been sent to all psychology majors. Psychology majors who did not complete their transition advising appointment during Fall or Winter Quarter must schedule an appointment with an advisor in the Psychology Advising and Resource Center (Porter 246 & 242). Appointments will be scheduled online via the link below. Appointments will be one hour long and scheduled on a first-come-first-serve basis. Click on the following link to sign up for a transition advising appointment:


Important information for your Transition Appointment:

  •  Appointments will only be 15 minutes long. Please arrive 5 minutes early to allow plenty of time to review your Transition Degree Completion Plan (TDCP).
  •  In your appointment we will only be reviewing your TDCP. Additional quarters to semesters, academic, career, or graduate school questions can be addressed in another meeting during the Advising and Resource Center’s walk-in hours.
  •  Here is a blank copy of a TDCP course plan. This is only for your reference; you do NOT have to complete one. The staff of the Department of Psychology Advising and Resource Center has already completed one for you. We will be reviewing and editing your TDCP during the Transition Appointment.
  •  Any student who does not agree with his/her TDCP can choose not to sign the plan during the Transition Appointment and begin an appeals process by contacting the head of the department, Dr. Bruce Carlson, at





The necessary steps will be laid out in the TDCP you receive when you meet with an advisor. In the meantime here are some general suggestions.


FINISH SEQUENCES: If you will be a transition student, the transition will be smoother if you aren't part way through a sequence of courses in Fall 2012. Take the entire sequence in quarters, if you can, or wait until Fall 2012 to begin the sequence if that works in your academic plan. For psychology majors, this is most applicable to foreign language. For psychology pre-physical therapy majors, make sure to plan science sequences ahead so you are not stuck in the middle of a sequence at the end of the 2011-2012 academic year.


STAY ON TRACK: Continue to make consistent progress toward your degree requirements. If you graduate before fall 2012 you won't have to go through the transition.

STAY TUNED: When you receive messages about Q2S or transition advising, pay attention and take the actions recommended in the communication.


If you have questions about the quarters to semesters transition you have more than one source of information. In the psychology department, the Advising and Resource Center is your resource for information about how the department is handling the Q2S transition. You can visit the Advising and Resource Center in Porter Hall Room 246 or contact the Center at: The Allen Student Help Center, in Baker Center, is your "go to" resource on the Athens campus. If you have a question or need some direction about the campus-wide Q2S transition, stop in or visit the Center Web site:

The university has set up a Frequently Asked Questions website for questions asked by multiple students: Information on the FAQ website is constantly updated.